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I. Comments on grade-level-specific ways to interact with BioEYES and other outreach opportunities

Incorporating BioEYES: It's so nice if someone brings the materials and have the program already established, so that we can just implement the program and find the supplemental materials to accompany the program. Is there a limit to how many people can attend the summer workshop? How are they selected? If we do this program in kindergarten, what are they going to do differently in the upper grades to make the lessons different than in previous years? We would probably want to choose specific grades that would do this program at our school, rather than have each grade doing BioEYES.

Incorporating Nano: We want to incorporate this by allowing the students to use the equipment to see something as simple as just a fingerprint. This seems like a really great program and one that can be used at each grade level, because each year there will be more to build on than in the previous years. They can work up to using the equipment by themselves in grades 5-6, etc. Kindergarten students like to use microscopes to see butterfly wings, insects, etc., so it would be great to incorporate this new technology.

Incorporating Astro: We go to the Planetarium in the Penn Schools and only twice a year for one hour. This is something that the students really get into, so it would be nice to explore this subject further and expose them to some of the software, like Google Earth and Sky to meet other curriculum standards pertaining to tides, weather, etc. We would also like the opportunity to take field trips to the DVT.

Incorporating Enviro: We can think of ideas to make the environmental experiments more kindergarten appropriate, by comparing rainwater to tap water at home and use pH strips to find different chemicals and components. We would like to extend our studies for several years to note any differences that we could find in the water through the years. Study snow, pack snow, melt snow, find dirt in snow. See ice crystals.

II. Ways to use this wiki to foster greater collaboration

We would like a place to share activity ideas for our grade level, for science or math activities. Perhaps graduate fellows could offer suggestions on any content they could supplement or areas that we could incorporate into what we are already doing.

III. Any other topics: challenges, opportunities, etc?

We would love to have the graduate fellows in our classroom, because when they see a new person discussing a subject in depth they really enjoy learning about that topic. Also, we realize that many things are inapplicable to kindergarten and in those instances we believe it would be beneficial to have students come in just to do presentations or demonstrations that our students can watch.

Are the summer workshops going to be consecutive or concurrent?

A big challenge is finding enough hands-on supplies for science activities.

We would like a list to know what is available, so just we can know about potential learning opportunities.

Time is a challenge for half day kindergarten.